NFT Drops and Launch Strategies Explained | Beginner’s Guide and Reddit Review 2022

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When starting an NFT project it is super important to develop a well laid-out plan and a solid marketing strategy. If there is weakness in either one, there will be an increased risk in terms of the success potential of the project. Your community will love to hear about your plan, roadmap and unique story.

As with any other product or commodity, NFTs too need to be promoted. This is where most of the creators and particularly beginners lack as they do not focus much on marketing their NFTs. For them, an NFT is all about creating a piece of NFT artwork. Little do they know that at the heart of any successful NFT lies a well-designed marketing strategy. With the growing trends of NFTs, the interest to buy them has been spurred up among people across the globe. “Dear creators, This is the perfect time for you to bring your NFTs to the front line through effective marketing strategies!”

Almost all of the NFTs have similar components. Even though they are unique and rare, they are almost the same. So the success depends on the level of marketing you do for your NFT collectibles. To address the significance of “NFT collectibles marketing”, there are marketing services available in the market that can help you with your particluar NFT marketing needs.

Marketing NFT Collectibles

In this era of the internet, the possibilities for reaching people are close to endless so that there are typically multiple ways to market your NFTs to large numbers of people. Utilizing a proven NFT marketing strategy can give you great results. That is how NFTs are being sold for millions of dollars. Beeple, a well-known name in the NFT market, has recently sold his NFT art for $69 million. The magnitude of marketing NFT collections is enormous. Next, we’ll look at several effective ways to market your NFTs.

NFT marketing agencies take the role of helping creators to promote their NFTs to larger audiences. These agencies can help to layout effective marketing strategies to attract a targeted audience for your NFT collections. An NFT marketing company can also help to track down the best possible ways to advertise your NFT collectibles. However, remember  to always do proper due diligence before moving ahead with any professional service.

8 Launch Strategies For Beginners To Promote NFTs

When it comes to the marketing of NFT collections, there are mainly two possibilities. One is free, and the other is via paid marketing services. Both of them work – however, they can result in substantially different outcomes for your NFTs.

1. List Your Upcoming NFT Drop In A Reputable Calendar

2. Do Social Media Networking

3. Consider Influencer Marketing

Social media is now flooded with several influencers who have plenty of followers on their list. Targeting them to market your NFTs will take you to a whole new level. But then you have to categorize those influencers and select those with expertise in NFTs. You can ask them to collaborate with you to market your NFT collections.

4. Go For Well-Vetted Themed Groups

5. Utilize Newsletters

6. Get Featured On Popular NFT Marketplaces

Along with the support of marketplace admins, who have separate fan bases for NFTs. This clears the air and gives you a wide scope for you to market your NFT collections. This will enormously pave the way for marketing your NFTs at a larger scale. You can also ask them to feature your NFT drops in their social media accounts.

7. Initiate Collaborations

8. Spread Word Through Media Channels

Reddit Review: Mistakes to Avoid & What to Look Out For

Next are a few tips on what to avoid and what to look out for when it comes to promoting your NFTs. As mentioned by Reddit user u/24KSPECTRUM here:

Be careful and judgmental when hiring an NFT promoter, both on Twitter, Discor(d) [Note by editor:…or any other forum/ platform]. Especially beware of those who advertise themselves as an NFT promoter. It may look like a good deal at first, with loads of retweets and likes, BUT most of these promoters charge a HIGH fee, and often you’ll receive very few new followers, maybe 2 of them are active, and perhaps one of them slips into Discor(d). Ask them questions and be super judgmental. Otherwise, your budget will quickly burn up. If a promoter contacts you on Twitter claiming to be someone. Always ask them to contact you on Twitter through the account they’re claiming to be representing.

Wrap Up

Via this site: NFT Collectibles Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Promote NFTs

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