tEVM Spark Hackfest Feb 7-Mar 6, 2022 | 180,000 TLOS In Prizes For Ethereum Dev Winners

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Telos is thrilled to invite Ethereum developers to up the game and bring their best knowhow, tools and applications to its one-of-a-kind innovation competition on the Telos EVM (tEVM). “EVM and its programming languages (Solidity and Vyper) are the dominant smart contract execution and development environments. However, Ethereum has become near unusable for the average user, with slow transaction times and excessive fees that can make using it a hassle. In contrast, the tEVM is a better, faster, and cheaper EVM running on the Telos blockchain” – Source: Telos EVM Spark Hackathon).

Telos Spark - Hackathon


Hackfest Registration

The Telos 2022 EVM Hackathon registration is open for those seeking to innovate, create and deploy solutions on the most robust Ethereum Virtual Machine, the aptly called tEVM.

The first of many Telos tEVM Hackathons is here, offering Ethereum developers around the world the opportunity to show off their skills and compete for the most utility rich crypto coin in blockchain, TLOS. Over 180,000 TLOS will be given away in prizes in this exciting new community effort.

For Telos’ Hackathon you can register here  and prepare to show how you plan to take Web 3.0 to the next level. Telos Spark will start on February 7th and is set to end on March 6th, after which all winners will be announced on March 14th 2022. As this is their first Telos Spark competition, Telos opted not to break it down into different themes.

Telos is inviting Ethereum developers to bring their best tools and applications to the Telos EVM, aptly called the tEVM. We have worked diligently to develop the tEVM from the ground up(non-Ethereum Fork) to remedy all of the pitfalls associated with all other EVMs. They have made the tEVM ludicrously fast, implemented fixed nano-sized gas fees, made sure dApps can scale without congestion and have insulated all end users from Front Running / Mev.

Telos is open to ideas from the Ethereum community and would love for you to participate in innovating and helping to build towards a better user experience on Telos.

You could build EVM Tools to improve the UI or Backend such as:

▪ Charts and Statistics

▪ Snapshots

▪ Airdrops

▪ Display, Collection for NFT ́s

You could build dApps or Forks applications like:

▪ DeFi and DEX innovation (Pancake or similar)

▪ Staking and Lending contracts or tools (Maker, Aave, Compound or similar)

▪ Innovative NFT Minting contracts (utility, liquidity, timelock…)

▪ Ethereum Name Service Fork (yourname.tlos)

▪ MultiSig tools or vaults (Gnosis or similar)

▪ Play 2 Earn fork / concept

Bring Your Cool Ideas

In partnership with one of Telos’ favorite dApps within the Telos ecosystem, Taikai, and the  recently launched Mentor support team, they’re eager to make the deployment of your Solidity smart contracts as seamless as possible. Taikai itself is a dApp which specializes in creating streamlined and highly organized hackathons for both the developers and the platforms, and alongside them, hosting Telos Spark will be a breeze. The mentor team are all seasoned and eager to help make the simple deployment process painless.


▪ 1st place: 100,000 TLOS tokens to be sent to a wallet provided by the winning team.

▪ 2nd place: 50,000 TLOS tokens to be sent to a wallet provided by the 2np place team.

▪ 3rd – 5th place: 10,000 TLOS tokens to be sent to a wallet provided by each team ranked in 3rd – 5th place.


The Hackathon deliverables are clearly laid out here.

Telos EVM

The Telos EVM (tEVM) is a non-Ethereum Fork EVM that is built from the ground up. It is the most robust EVM to date and by many multiples. It is extremely efficient, compiles Solidity and Vyper in a Wasm runtime environment and has been meticulously audited. The tEVM also insulates all DeFi and NFT trades from any Front Running / MEV due to its first in first out mempool protocol, governance, and ludicrous speed.


▪Energy efficient (currently less than .000002 kWh per transaction and moving towards below zero numbers via offsets)

▪ Fastest EVM (instant transactions – half second blocktimes)

▪Super scalable (sustainably capable of hundreds of millions of transactions per day)

▪ Truly decentralized (in both its technical architecture and its financial structure – No ico, No vc)

▪ Most affordable with the most stable gas fees (stable because gas fees are fixed, while said gas fees are independent and do not move linearly with TLOS coin price)

▪ Next level governance (the only layer 1 to make its governance available to any dapp or chain. It can be downloaded in the App Store – Telos Decide)

▪ ESG focused – Environmental (striving for carbon neutral), Social (Truly Decentralized – a sanctuary platform), Governance (the only platform to extend the use of its truly democratic governance platform to its entire ecosystem and beyond – Telos Decide)

Telos Blockchain

Telos Blockchain (TLOS) is a fully decentralized 3rd Generation, ESG compliant layer-1 blockchain that has been executing energy efficient smart contracts at the fastest speeds, virtually uninterrupted, since 2018. Every transaction on the Telos Network utilizes less than 0.000002 kWh of energy per transaction which costs end users zero to near zero gas fees, and in addition Telos is the only Chain capable of delivering smart contracts for Solidity, Vyper and C++.

Telos at this very moment, before doing any future rollups, sharding or hardware upgrades, has the capacity to sustainably fulfill hundreds of millions of transactions per day. To put that number into perspective; Based on forecasted total transactions, Telos has enough speed and capacity to generate blocks for the needs of every single layer 1 chain combined for the next decade.

Telos Foundation

The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications.

Telos Spark Hackathon & Innovation Competition

Build on a platform that is robust, scalable and consistently inexpensive for the dApp owners and their end users. Get all details on Telos Spark’s YouTube clip here.