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“World’s most undervalued layer-1 blockchain” Telos ($TLOS) trades inside demand zone around $0.77 after double bottoming and based on several confluencing factors. Could Telos crypto project be moon in the future?

Key Takeaways:

  • Telos (TLOS) trades inside demand zone and may rally to target key levels of $1.84 and $2.53
  • Several technicals back the bullish outlook on Telos
  • Growth factors to fuel Telos Layer-1 Blockchain’s ecossytem


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Popular crypto expert DaCryptoGems says altcoin Telos’ ($TLOS) price is trading inside demand zone. At the time of writing, DaCryptoGems tells their 117.300 Twitter followers that Telos could rally to target $1.84 and $2.53 key levels. This is based on multiple confluences like a descending wedge pattern and a double bottom pattern indicating that the price has bottomed.

Telos Price Prediction Chart (1D – TradingView)

TLOS 1D 03242022

Source: DaCryptoGems/ Twitter

“…price is currently trading inside demand zone & multiple confluences like descending wedge pattern & double bottom pattern indicating price has bottomed. I expect a rally from now to target $1.84 & $2.53 key levels…” – DaCryptoGems

Based on this chart, the growth potential of $TLOS may be massive.

Telos, the 249th-ranked crypto asset by market cap is trading for $0.77 at the time of writing. Telos hit an all-time high of $1.4023 earlier in February 2022.

Telos, a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), allows for superior scalability when compared to traditional proof-of-work networks. Telos is a green and socially responsible smart contract network created with the EOSIO software. Currently, the Telos layer-1 blockchain can process over 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), and that capacity grows with code updates, sidechains, and other growth mechanisms.

When compared, Telos’ TPS beat Polkadot, Avalanche, and Cardano by a huge margin.

What’s intriguing is, that with just a small influx of investors, $TLOS could rise exponentially.

Telos’ latest roadmap 2022 provides their guiding vision for the future of Telos. Their plans for 2022 are nothing short of impressive! They have groundbreaking projects coming to Telos in 2022+.

In addition, 100s of DeFi projects and dApps have already launched on Telos. Check out their latest projects here. To sample just two: BikeChain, the world’s first self-governing ridesharing mobile dApp and Seeds, a finacial ecosystem that aligns money with value to empower humanity and heal the planet.

Lastly, Telos’ new partnerships and dApps spur not only growth, but are designed to expand its ecosystem and create increasing visibility in the DeFi crypto space. All of these projects and strategic collabs are crucial for the long-term growth of $TLOS – to name just  a few:

  • Telos Blockchain has become a virtual tenant of Bloktopia to host metaverse events and AMAs.
  • DeFi Blockchain Insurance (Uno Re) for Investments & Projects On Telos
  • Apish Punks, a 10,000 unique truly pixelated ape collection with rarities just launched on the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (tEVM).

Telos’ increasing momentum can be attributed to multiple factors including its:

  • Integration with DappRadar, which helps to keep an eye on all dApps on the Telos network.
  • New partnership with the self-governing ride-share application BikeChain, where all tarnsactions will be processed on the super-fast & highly efficient Telos blockchain.
  • Release of OmniDEX, the very first native decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Telos EVM Layer-1 Chain.
  • Integration with the Greymass Anchor Wallet, which allows TLOS holders to securely log into various applications operating on the network, including the Telos web wallet, Decided Voter and the Staker One platform.
  • Ignite Program, which aims to grow the Telos ecosystem by providing useful services and utility to the platform, allowing its community to experience the full breadth of what blockchain technology has to offer.

Can Telos ($TLOS) be moon in the future?

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