Telos EVM Blockchain & dApps Updates: Top 4 Highlights Of Week 7, 2022

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Here is the weekly dose of the “Fab Four on Telos (TLOS)”, a brief recap and list of what is standing out about Telos, the fastest and most scalable EVM (tEVM) chain, including select dApps and some latest developments for Week 7 of 2022 (Feb 14-20, 2022).

1.  Telos Got a Super Fast Support Center

Telos EVM is not only the fastest  Ethereum Virtual Machine (tEVM), but now has set up an equally fast support center. For anyone who needs help, simply head over to Contact Us, and someone from Telos’ team will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

2. Telos Collects At HackerNoon Awards

The HackerNoon Awards (@HackerNoon) are out, and Telos & Douglas Horn must be over the moon to be #Noonies2021 winnersDouglas Horn is the Chief Architect at Telos and CEO at GoodBlock.

3. Telos’ Marketing Plan 2022

Paul Walton, CMO of Telos shared his vision for Telos marketing for 2022 and beyond. Check out his AMA here.

The Secret to Developing any Crypto Protocol is Developers, says Walton.

“It’s no surprise that developers are vital to the success of any blockchain. “The most important point to me in marketing Telos is, how do we get developers to know us, like us, and get on board,” says Walton. Developers are essential in blockchain communities. Their work allows new applications to stem from their developments. Then, these new developments in applications can grow to wider consumer use.

One of the most common and important ways Walton discusses attracting developers is through hosting events with incentives like hackathons and grant programs.” – A Tour Through Telos’ Marketing Strategy with CMO Paul Walton/ Medium

4.  Telos Is At ETHDenver

ETH Denver is the longest-running Ethereum Event in the world, and Telos is there live in 2022.

Source Featured Image: Britney James/ CoinQuora

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